yesterday’s hands and today’s style


In the seventies in the italian fashion capital, the first laboratory was born after

Giuseppe Lupo, founder of Pellicceria Lupo, collaborated for a decade with the best fur laboratories in Milan, learning the tricks of the trade that are going to make him

a professional in the field of dressing women of the Milan upper class.

In the early eighties the style changes with the fashion trends and a new showroom

is opened in a picturesque location on the Lake Maggiore.

Wood, stone and neutral colours make this place the new maison of the haute fur.

In the new millennium, business keeps growing and Davide - the seconborn -starts

working with the maître fourrure: his father.

Giuseppe Lupo mentors Davide, handing down his own secrets.

The father introduces his son to what will become an ever-growing love.

In 2009, the FourfurriersLab, Pellicceria Lupo handmade was born.

A new face, ever-changing, yesterday’s hands and today’s style.

Giuseppe Lupo leaves to his children the reins of the production.

The fate wants him to pass away at the end of the year.

The family begins the new millennium with the desire to grow

and carry on the tradition handed down from father.

FourfurriersLab creates custom clothes, respecting the craftsmanship standards.

The same care is given to the clothes collection of yesterday.

Custody and cleaning are among the services we offer.

Davide and Roberta, descendants of the Lupo’s family, believe in what

is and will always be the haute couture.

The unique style, passed down from father to children, the creative

energy, the experience snatched by those who made the fur an art and

a way of life, the ability to make the Made in Italy an unique value, the product

knowledge and the ability to treat the smallest details remain and continue

to be the must of the Pellicceria Lupo.

Treated with love, a dress can last forever.




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